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A Soul Mate Story 2

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Ann and Tyrone

Ann and Tyrone were both married to other people when they met. Ann was in her fifties and white, and Tyrone was Afro-American and twenty years her junior. They were drawn into a very intense sexual affair. They both fell in love and could hardly stay away from each other. Ann always had a sense that they had known each other before and had intense motherly feelings toward Tyrone, which he encouraged as his own mother had been very neglectful.

Eventually, he felt deeply guilty about the affair and cut it off. Ann was totally devastated and heartbroken and couldn’t get past the pain. She sought out alternative healing methods to deal with her pain. One of these methods led her to me for a past life regression. Ann immediately went back to a lifetime where she was an enslaved woman, living in the South and working in the cotton fields. Her young son was with her. She recognized the soul as Tyrone. Suddenly, some men came into the field and took her son from her to sell. In the regression, Ann became hysterical; yet in that lifetime she did not protest or do anything to save her son, because that was the nature of slavery in the Old South. The last thing she remembered from that lifetime was his pleading, stricken face as they were leading him away. He turned to her as if to say, “Why aren’t you doing anything?”. She could not. The devastation and sadness matched the feeling she had when he broke up with her in their current life. By understanding the basis of her irrational feelings in this lifetime, Ann as able to move on from the affair.

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