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A Soul Mate Story 3

Dina and Bob

By way of example, consider the case study of Dina and Bob. Dina and Bob met at a bus stop many years ago. They started dating, and soon found themselves falling in love. After a while, they got married. Personally I didn’t give their marriage a chance. Dina was Wiccan…. a big believer in nature and earth magic, and Bob was a diehard Hare Krishna devotee, just like the ones that used to be seen around the airports many years ago. He sports a shaved head, chants, “Hare Krishna” every day and wears traditional Indian clothing most of the time. There could not be two more spiritually diametrically opposed people.

These two are true soul mates. If you visit their house you will see his Hare Krishna altar in the corner of the living room, while Dina’s Wiccan tools dot the house. One might think it is a bit crazy, but the feeling in their house is one of peace, love and compatibility.

Both Dina and Bob decided many years ago to support each other’s spiritual path, regardless of whether it was their own. Dina has been to India with Bob and Bob has welcomed her Wiccan coven. They both feel joy at the other’s spiritual advancement and are supportive of one another. When difficulties arise, they try to see the other’s position, and work them out in a way that is non-confrontational and loving. They’ve been married for twenty years, and experience a true spiritual relationship.

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