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Soul Mates Part 3

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Understanding past lives is the key to healing from these relationships.

There are millions of past life scenarios for soul mates. The parties may have been parent and child, lovers, siblings, business partners or friends. While the soul may present as a lover in the present life, it’s not always romantic in past lives. Or vice versa. The most intense relationships that are based on past life soul mates are of course romantic.

It important to remember that you are remembering the SOUL, not the person standing before you. While the soul stays the same, the body the soul is in also contributes to the whole of the person with whom you are involved. Genetics greatly contributes to who that person is, as well as life experiences and circumstances. The soul inhabits the body to avail itself of the experiences, genetics and opportunities of the current life time. The body is a temporary vehicle the soul inhabits, and can be likened to driving a car. There are many different makes and models and years. The car becomes an extension of the person inhabiting it, as the body becomes an extension of the soul inhabiting it, albeit much more complex.

And speaking of genetics, there is a field of genetic research called epigenetics. Geneticists have discovered that the traumatic events our ancestors experienced change the genetic code that is passed down. Thus, survivors of the Holocaust have passed on some of the trauma from that experience to their descendants.

It’s easy to see how different a person the current soul mate may be from his or her predecessors. This is important to keep in mind when trying to recover from a negative soul mate experience.

This blog has thus far been about the darker side of soul mate relationships. Fortunately, soul mate relationships also have a bright side.

When two soul mates come together and both parties are ready to commit to a spiritual path and mutual soul growth, a beautiful, loving and spiritual relationship can ensue. It will not be without issues, because all soul mate relationships’ primary purpose is soul growth. It’s how the parties choose to deal with those issues that will make the difference.

Issues and challenges must be viewed as opportunities to grow and love more deeply. The parties must come from a certain degree of personal emotional health and healing. Both parties must be committed to their own and their partner’s spiritual growth.

Timing is everything in a soul mate relationship. If both parties are open and willing to allow both their own soul growth, and the soul growth of the other party, the relationship may flourish. However, as the ultimate purpose of the soul mate relationship is soul growth, this can happen either painfully or happily.

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