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Soul Mates Part 2

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Hopefully, soul mates come into our lives when we are in a position of sufficient emotional maturity to grasp the lessons and grow as a soul. Not everyone will do this though. It takes a lot of courage to confront our demons and make positive changes. And a soul mate will definitely bring forth our demons. Soul mates serve as mirrors for our own issues. If we are plagued with insecurity, the soul mate relationship will be rocky enough to bring the insecurity to the surface. If our Heart Chakras are closed, a soul mate will open them like a stick of dynamite. If our egos are too big, they will be shrunk down to a manageable size. THIS IS THE TRUE PURPOSE OF A SOUL MATE. The soul mate will serve as a catalyst for our soul growth, if we allow it. I believe that mastering lessons and soul growth is the primary purpose of a soul mate relationship.

Every week I have people come in for me to read the Tarot about a lover who is long gone and from whom the client cannot move on. The encounter may have been brief and lasted a matter of days to a few years, but after its ending, the client cannot move forward into a healthy relationship with another person. This is because the lesson has not been learned for either or both parties. In this case, I always recommend a past life regression. These issues can be resolved in this way, with careful guidance from the regressionist.

In all the relationships I have encountered through my work, everyone reports amazing, highly intimate sex, like they have never experienced before and probably never will again. It is the sexual relationship that creates the psychic connection. The reason for this is clear when you consider the act of sex from an energetic perspective. Allowing the person into our energy field, often lining up chakras and activating the kundalini, creates a bond between the parties. The Heart, Sacral and Third Eye Chakras are most effected, as these open completely during this type of sexual encounter. The heart connection has been established in a previous lifetime. A lasting psychic connection is set up from the first sexual experience.

Often, the unrequited soul mate relationship devolves into an obsession by one of the parties involved. The other person become all he/she can think of and this obsession may last for years. It will come between the person and all future relationships. There is a total breakdown of the ability to move on with their lives. The psychic connection, synchronicities and dream encounters only serve to drive the obsession.

Another driver of the obsession is the other person may re-enter our lives from time to time. They might start with a text, or a phone call. They may come back for another encounter. But they almost always leave again, opening the original wound. I call this “kiss-slap”. This pattern may be repeated many times. I think that a lot of the reason that the person who is the victim in this scenario is aware of the other person from past life experience, and attributes feelings and thoughts and potential that may have been there in past lives, but are not there in the current lifetime. So they expect the other person to change, or to suddenly wake up and realize that is them that they love. Or sometimes they may see positive soul traits that may live within the other person, but haven’t manifested yet. One thing to always remember about those “in and out” lovers – there is a basic fear and inability to make a commitment. They also fear intimacy.

Some of them, when experiencing the very deep intimacy that comes from a soul mate relationship, flee in fear. It doesn’t mean that there wasn’t love and there wasn’t deep intimacy. In fact, it’s this deep intimacy that makes the sexual relationship so amazing. Most people want this deep intimacy deep down inside, but truthfully, it terrifies them.

I’ve even heard of some who marry other people. The reason that they marry other people is because they find relationships that are superficial and don’t require the level of frightening intimacy that a soul mate relationship does.

Others are simply commitment phobic. Or, they may have deeply buried past life memories of how the other person may have hurt them in a past life. This hurt may have been literal. They may even have inadvertently, or directly caused the death of the other person. This may cause them to run when they come together with the soul mate.

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