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A Soul Mate Story 1

Updated: Sep 23, 2021

Victoria and Zach

This is a story of a Catalyst Soul Mate relationship. Victoria and Zach met in the 1990s. Zach was a farrier who specialized in horses with leg problems and Victoria owned a horse who was lame and was referred to Zach. They felt as though they knew each other before, and formed an easy friendship that flowed and grew rapidly over the course of Zach’s work with her horse. There was an instant knowing between them and many similarities in their background.

Though both were married, they gradually moved into an affair. Sex between them was deeply gratifying and intimate. Victoria, having no knowledge of soul mates, wrote in her journal, “It’s as though God took a single lump of clay and broke it in two and there we were.”

Victoria left her husband and unhappy marriage and began to make a life of her own. She continued to see Zach for a year until one day Zach simply disappeared. Victoria was devastated.

During the time that he was gone, Victoria “felt” him around her on a daily basis. She would be overcome by his energy. She dreamed about him and even quite literally felt him in her bed one night, even though he wasn’t physically there.

Two years after his disappearance, Victoria got a sudden urge to visit a vacation town in her state. Half way to her destination, her phone rang. It was Zach. He was living in the exact same town that she was driving through. They talked. He had divorced and remarried. He told her he still loved her and she him. They agreed to meet once he had left his current wife. But he never called again.

Victoria was again devastated. Her deep pain caused her to seek out many alternative forms of healing. She was forced to heal all the issues she had carried around since her dysfunctional childhood. Her relationship with Zach and subsequent deep emotional wounding caused her to seek out healing and it changed her destiny. Having to heal the pain of that relationship was a turning point in her life, and she ultimately became a successful healer herself.

Victoria found out through a mutual friend that shortly after their last talk, Zach had a massive stroke at a very young age. Had they not had that conversation, Victoria never would have known what happened to their relationship. It was a massive synchronicity. Through another synchronicity, Victoria did an internet search for Zach a few years later. She accidently put the search in another search engine she did not normally use. Zach’s obituary came up. He was dead.

Victoria underwent past life regression therapy while attempting to heal her pain. It turned out that she and Zach had shared several past lives. He had been her mother in one life and lover in another. There were unresolved issues and guilt on Victoria’s part. In each life, Victoria had opportunities to learn and grow but she did not. It was not until the current incarnation that she did.

Zach was a catalyst for Victoria. Needing to heal the pain caused by the loss of their relationship caused Victoria to seek out alternative healing methods and heal her of both the pain of losing Zach and the damage caused by her dysfunctional family. She became a healer and counselor herself. The relationship changed the course of her life.

Copyright 2021, Georgia Vlahos. Do not copy or reproduce.

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