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Soul Mates Part 5

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

Soul Mates may appear in an infinite amount of varieties, and for many purposes. Here are but a few:

Karmic Soul Mates: These are the ones that have some unresolved karma from past lives. Perhaps one caused injury to another. This karma must be balanced. It may not be in the same way, but the soul needs to understand the pain they caused to another. See Soul Mate Story #2.

Familial Soul Mates: These are Soul Mates who incarnate in families. They may also be Karmic Soul Mates.

Romantic Soul Mates: Perhaps you have been romantically involved in past lives. In this life, you come together once again to help each other through life’s lessons.

Twin Flames: An intense Soul Mate relationship where the two are of the same essence. They mirror each other in many ways. The lessons are intense. They may have a soul contract to be of help to the world in some way. This relationship goes beyond the three-dimensional world. There is much contact psychically.

Soul Mate Friendships: These Soul Mates may form a bond which lasts through their lifetimes.

Soul Teachers: One may be a teacher or mentor to the other due to a previous soul contract.

Soul Families: Groups of souls that incarnate together and find each other in the present life.

Catalyst Soul Mates: Two people with a soul contract to shake up the other’s life. See Soul Mate Story #1.

Stepping Stone Soul Mates: This is a Soul Mate who comes to shake things up so that the next Soul Mate who enters will stay.

And there are many more. Soul Mates can take many forms and for many purposes. Often, this will show up in the Astrology chart.

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