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Spiritual Awakening

In the many clients I counsel with Astrology and Tarot, I have found that there is a certain type of spiritual awakening with distinguishing characteristics. To date, I have just encountered this with women, but I would imagine it could apply to a man too.

My client is usually in their late 30s to early 40s, but not always. They are in or approaching their Uranus opposition, an astrological passage where transiting Uranus directly opposes natal Uranus. Since the planet Uranus is the planet of freedom and sudden change, this transit serves to shake up the client's life. This can also occur during the Chiron return (around age 50) or either of the Saturn returns (age 28 and 58).

Usually the client is married with perhaps a child to raise. They report seeing repeating numbers and synchronicities with recurring frequencies. It is enough to get their attention. They become increasingly aware of other dimensions, metaphysical theories and psychic phenomena and feel the need to explore and learn more. They may seek out classes in metaphysics and become increasingly uncomfortable. Latent psychic, mediumship and/or empathic skills may develop and at times may be frightening to the client. Many report having had psychic or mediumship experiences as a child and were forced by family, society or fear to shut them down. They are now rising again during this time.

This time is known as a Spiritual Awakening. It may also encompass a Dark Night of the Soul (which I will write about in a future blog post).

Enter in the other man/woman. This is a prime time when a soul mate may enter. Usually there is a soul contract between the two parties to wake one or the other up at this time. (Please read articles on soul mates). This is usually visible in the charts of the two parties.

They will feel impossibly drawn to one another. The new person makes the client see that the marriage or partnership is insufficient. They realize that they have been spiritually "asleep" and will "wake up". There may be a divorce or break up.

The "bells and whistles" (synchronicities, signs and omens from the Universe) continue and become stronger. The client is faced with a dilemma. Leave the original relationship and move toward the new person, or stay and deal with the consequences. And the consequences can be quite challenging. The addition of a child complicates it.

This is where the client must make a decision. Usually at this time they will seek out a Tarot reading or Astrology consultation to try and make sense of what is going on. A consultation or reading can be very beneficial and many clients report feeling heard and helped by the intervention.

If you are experiencing anything of what is described above, please let me know. To schedule an appointment for a Tarot or Astrological consultation, please send a message through this website.

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