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The Everyday Witch Tarot Review

Updated: Nov 24, 2021

I recently purchased The Everyday Witch Tarot by Deborah Blake in its mini size. It's a very small pocket size deck that I keep in my purse for spontaneous Tarot readings. I thought it was kind of whimsical and not too serious, but I used it a couple of times and found that I really connected with the images. I got more from them that just the traditional meanings of the Tarot cards.

It's a Rider-Waite based deck in theme, but the images are pure witch. Lots of animals, familiars and witches with pointed hats. It's a totally pagan deck, with bright colors and and a sort of 18th Century feel but many of the images are modern. I guess I'd call it eclectic. The cards are sturdy and have an attractive back.

I liked them so much that I purchased the regular sized version, which is typical Tarot size. The really outstanding thing about the big deck is that is comes with a gorgeous and beautifully illustrated book with color images of the cards. Definitely worth the price.

My favorite cards are: The High Priestess, which shows a witch gazing in a crystal ball with Tarot cards and Runes and her ever present black cat familiar. She is flanked by a black and white candle, reminiscent of the pillars of Joachim and Boaz in the traditional Rider Waite deck. I prefer this version to the Rider-Waite one as I relate to it better. The Hanged Man hangs from a broomstick. The Eight of Pentacles features a witch whipping up a potion in a cauldron. I love The Chariot, as the witch rides a motorcycle. Death is dark but not too scary. And the Devil looks friendly, even with his horns.

I found out that there is a companion Oracle deck created in the same vein. I also purchased that, and maybe I'll review it some time.

I would definitely recommend this deck. You can purchase it on Amazon, link below. $24.59

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