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Every year for the past five, I have done a yearly reading with Georgia. During these calls, I write down notes for each month and reference back to it at the first of the month throughout the year. Obviously the universe does not know what a month start is, but it knows the gentile ebbs and flows throughout the year and these readings are so accurate, I sometimes find myself arguing in my mind that there is no way things will get better (or sometimes worse), and they always go very similar to what she reads.

My life has gone through some triumphant challenges the last ten years, and Georgia's readings been accurate, honest and understanding with helping me to not only navigate the year ahead, but how to get through those more difficult times.

The yearly readings are my favorite thing she does. She is truly a talented, gifted, intuitive human. The best you can give yourself is the gift of gentle guidance. I always get one for myself and a few other people in my life as a gift as the offer she has by the end of the year helps me afford a few. Another way to give back to those I love.

Annie, Seattle, WA

I was recommended to Georgia through a friend of mine. I've been trying to get some direction in opening my own business for a long time and kept running into obstacles and frustration. I was wondering why is this a recurring thing. Georgia was able to show me things in my chart that only I knew and could validate. It was mind blowing and relieving at the same time. She was able to help direct me to a better understanding of what my life's purpose is and able to let go of things in my past that no longer serve me. Now I have rediscovered my path and I feel a sense of wholeness that was so desperately needed. I highly recommend her to anyone needing help in understanding what their purpose and direction should be. Thank you so much Georgia!

Brian, Portland, OR

Recently, Georgia Vlahos helped me to break the tie or energetic chord that was formed during a conversation with a woman in one of my classes.  She complained about left shoulder pain every time she walked into class.  The third class I was pushed by spirit to talk to her.  She needed someone to help her sort out her emotions.  

I spent about two months after that with horrible left shoulder pain.  I knew where I had picked it up and I kept trying to cut chords with it, protect myself from her.  Chiropractic, and massage didn't work.  Nothing was working.  I had one Reiki session with Georgia and the pain disappeared.  She is a gifted healer and I can't wait to try her other talents!

Sandi, El Cajon, CA

I would like to share a great experience I recently had getting reading from Georgia. She was able help me with some great counseling and advice on a major situation in my life. It helped me immensely and made it possible get peace of mind. I recommend her services 100 percent.

Herleena, Riverside, CA

I have recently done a regression and can highly recommend doing one if you have a problem that you don’t understand the cause of.  I wanted to uncover my recent fear of flying.  I had flown in the past, and although I never really enjoyed flying, it didn’t throw me into a panic attack until recently.  I was so tired of being held hostage by my fear I decided to try a regression.  It turned out that even though my fear had been triggered by a recent event, my true fear had begun in a past life when I had died in an airplane crash. The regression allowed me to let go of the weight I had been carrying my whole life.  

Moira , San Diego

 I have been getting Tarot readings from Georgia for over seven years now, and she has always accurately predicted every relationship that I was in.  One day, Georgia made a prediction of when I would be entering my most serious relationship to date, and confirmed it by comparing our Astrology charts when this person and I met in one of her classes. I scoffed as I felt this relationship would never happen for a number of reasons and that she was finally wrong about the subject that she has been crazily accourate about.  That was two years ago, and my fiancee and I will be marrying later this year.


Eric, La Mesa

My partner and I got an astrology reading to shed light on personality quirks and habits. It was very eye opening. It gave us so much more than we expected. Georgia's chart and reading explained a lot, and gave us so much insight on why we struggled with certain things. It turns out we have a lot of karmic lessons together, and our path is an ongoing journey. It will be much easier to navigate the tough roads when coming from a place of understanding. This information was invaluable. Thank you, Georgia.

Mary, San Diego

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