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Every problem has a solution! I maintain a positive, "can do" attitude and am compassionate and understanding.


I can help you to make positive changes and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally.  You can overcome your blocks to success in all areas of your life, whether in your career or your relationships, or need help finding your spiritual path.

I have been a metaphysical student, teacher, practitioner and author since 1993 when I experienced an awakening due to a personal trauma. From childhood, I have studied many spiritual paths and began a journey which has lasted to this day.

I have been studying Astrology since 1993, and I offer Astrological consultations for personal growth, vocation, karma, work issues and family relationships. I specialize in Twin Flame and Soul Mate Astrology and love relationships. I practice what I call "Soul Astrology" which focuses on the needs of your soul.

As a Tarot consultant and psychic for  over 25 years, my readings are to the point and compassionate. My focus is to provide information and find solutions to my clients' problems. I can answer your questions about work, family, romance, spirituality and much more. My focus is future orientated, positive and compassionate. I am basically an optimist and believe every problem has a solution. I am  a clairvoyant empath, and occasional medium. 


My coaching sessions are unique in that I utilize my clients' personal Astrological charts to get a complete picture to find the best solutions to sorting out their lives and setting attainable goals for success, prosperity, love and joy. Astro-coaching is a new form of life coaching that will help clients achieve their goals faster than ever before. 

I am a Certified Reiki Master Teacher in several traditions, including the Usui Method; Certified Crystal, Sound and Chakra Therapist; Certified Starfire Animal Healing and Communication Practitioner and Certified Life Coach. I attended Gateway University, an alternative learning facility integrating modern psychology and ministerial counseling techniques with metaphysics. I am committed to helping my clients experience the best that life has to offer.

Contact me today to get started on manifesting your dreams!

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