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Every problem has a solution! I try to keep  a positive, "can do" attitude and am compassionate and understanding.

I am predictive psychic and empath and offer Tarot readings to help you to understand the people and situations in your life as well as answer your most pressing questions. I have a new offering:  one half hour Astrology to go over your basic chart and one half hour Tarot reading.

A specialty of mine is the subject of Soul Mates and Twin Flames. If you are wondering if your current love is your Soul Mate, are in a difficult Soul Mate relationship, have a lost love you cannot forget, or are waiting for your Soul Mate, an Soul Mate Astrology consultation is for you.  Book your appointment today! See my new section, Twin Flames and Soul Mates


I offer Astrology consultations that focus on why you are here and what you need to do to be successful and fulfilled.  I specialize in Soul Astrology, Astrological Counseling, and family and relationship Astrology. These consultations will help you to be the best version of yourself, embarking on a journey of self-exploration and self- discovery.  We will go deep into your soul to discover your true essence, your deepest potential and fulfill your deepest desires. My greatest joy in life is seeing my clients experience that "aha" moment and make great strides in often one session.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and Certified Crystal, Sound and Chakra Therapist.  I offer my clients Tarot readings, Reiki Classes, Astrological consultations, metaphysical classes on topics from Spirit Animals to Psychic Development, and much more . I also offer Past Life Regression sessions.

I can help you to make positive changes and grow spiritually, mentally and emotionally.   You can overcome your blocks to success in all areas of your life, whether in your career or your relationships, or simply to help you find your spiritual path.

Make your appointment today!

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Your reading/consultation is totally private and won't be shared with any third policy.  Nothing contained herein is intended to substitute for medical advice.  Please see your doctor for all serious physical and mental conditions.  

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