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Ravenhawk Sacred Aromatherapy Oils

Essential oil blends made for manifestation, magic, ritual use, meditation, psychic development, healing, personal development and much more. 

Currently available:  Reiki, Christ Consciousness, Meditation, Mermaid, Protection, H'oponopono,

Letting Go, Temple Blend, Soul Star Chakra, Faery Magick,  Heart Healing and custom blends. More coming every day!

Not to replace traditional medical care, see your doctor for all serious medical conditions. 

Not to be taken internally, or used by pets

Use on pulse points, jewelry, in sachets, on your pillow

Get your Mercury Retrograde aromatherapy oil because we need all the help we  can get!!!

$14/10 ml + Shipping/Handling

NEW! Witch Jar for home protection.  Loaded with crystals, herbs, oils, black salt and other protective materials to keep the yukkies out of your home!  $32 + Shipping/Handling

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