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New Year's 2025 Twelve Month Reading

The 12 Month New Year's Tarot reading gives a card and a prediction for each month of the year 2025. I use my Voyager cards and only use this at this time of year.  You will also get your numerology for 2025.  The reading takes about 20-30 minutes and is $50.  You must prepay to book your appointment. Because I got really bogged down with readings around the holidays last year, New Year's Readings will start on November15, but you can book anytime.  Pay HERE . 

These readings are known to be very accurate.  Here are some testimonials:

I have known Georgia for many years and during that time I have had many readings with her.  I have been able to get answers to questions about the directions to consider in my life.  I have had her New Year's Readings before and I have been able to foresee what might be in store for me in the coming year.  Georgia's readings are insightful and bring a look at what can happy in my life.  I can't say enough good things about getting a reading from Georgia.

H.H., Riverside, CA

I look forward every year to get my New Year's Reading.  It is a help to see what will come in the New Year.  Georgia advises you on what to look out for each month.  When you are aware of what will happen, you will be prepared when it comes.  Be it good or bad.  It gives you an overall look at how your New Year will be.  I enjoy it and watching the predictions come true.

B.K., San Diego, CA

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