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  • All Events and Classes must be prepaid.

  • Non-refundable, although some may be applied to other classes.

  • In person in Gulf Shores, AL and via Zoom.  Check to see which applies to your class. 

  • Also, Some may be both in person and via Zoom.

  • Recordings may be purchased for Zoom events.

  • Once event or consultation has been prepaid, Zoom link or address will be emailed to you.


Reduced Cost Reiki 1 Class In Person Only In Gulf Shores, AL


Join Reiki Master Teacher Georgia Vlahos for a reduced cost Reiki 1 class. Learn to use Reiki for yourself and your family for pain relief and stress reduction.


Includes training, attunement and certificate.

$65, payable on

RSVP and prepayment essential. Space is limited.

By appointment.  Available in person in Gulf Shores, Alabama and online via Zoom.

Learn Reiki.jpg

Advanced Reiki Training, Reiki III.

In this mentorship, you will receive the Reiki Master Symbol as well as one on one training to become an effective and confident healer. We will discuss crystal, sound and chakra therapy as well as practice in our Reiki Circles.

Cost is $150,  in person in Gulf Shores, AL and online via Zoom. 

Pay on the website,

Georgia Vlahos has been a Reiki Master Teacher since 1997 and has attuned hundreds of students in the ensuing years.

You must have taken Reiki I and II to take ART. If you took your classes from another teacher, please provide your training materials.

Ongoing, by appointment

Reiki Love.jpg

Monthly Reiki Healing/Meditation Circle

Join us for our monthly Reiki Healing/Meditation Circle.  Send out group healing, join in on a group meditation and experience individual table time.  Reiki will help with pain management and relaxation.  

Everyone is welcome whether you have been attuned to Reiki or not. 

In person in Gulf Shores, AL. RSVP for address.

August 11 @ 12 Noon CDT. In person in Gulf Shores, AL.  FREE but RSVP is required.  Space is very limited. Contact me for address.



The Power of Protection


The universe is full of positive and negative energies. Learn how to harness these universal energies to protect yourself form negative forces. Protect your house, yourself and loved ones. Learn to work with the moon to banish and send

back negativity and to perform  protection magic.

This class is for empaths, psychics, energy workers and anyone who works or spends time with the public, or has issues with negative energy.

Included in the class will be;

Various protection meditations and prayers
Protection herbs and oils
Totem animals, spirit guides and angels
Grids and Reiki
Protection Magic
Wards, charms and amulets
Candle rituals for protection

Zoom events. Zoom link will be mailed to paid participants 15 minutes before class. However, if you are in the Gulf Coast area, you may attend in person. Address will be provided after payment is received.

July 21 @ 12 Noon CDT $45, payable on


Intuitive Mediumship With Lady Brenda and Georgia


Attention aspiring mediums! Join Lady Brenda and Georgia for this premier mediumship workshop. Learn the techniques of mediumship and psychic development, house clearing, psychic dreams and much more.

Zoom event, link will be emailed to paid participants about 15 minutes before class. Please have Zoom downloaded and be prepared to use it.

Approximately 3 hours. $75 prepaid and non-refundable. Pay HERE

August 4 at 2 PM CDT, 12 Noon PDT


Discovering Your Soul Purpose


Do you lack direction? Ever wonder why you are here? What your soul needs to be fulfilled? What you should be doing? Feeling lost?

This workshop utilized Astrology and guided meditation to the Akashic Records to give you answers from your higher self, angels and guides.

Please provide your birth date, time and place from your birth certificate with payment at least one week prior to class.

August 18 @ 12 Noon CDT. $65 Pay HERE

Forest Road

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