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New:  Twin Flame and Soul Mate Astrology. Check it out here.

Soul Astrology is the study of your soul, who you are deep inside, what your challenges are, what your strengths are and how the people in your life fit in. A Soul Astrology consultation can answer your questions about why you are here, why you need to learn, your vocation, your family dynamics and is he/she your soul mate? Soul Mate information can be found in the natal charts of the two people in question. 


Astrology is a powerful tool that can help you make decisions, understand your inner workings and your relationships or get back on the right path.  Astrology can help you create your future! This consultation will help you to be the best version of yourself, embarking on a journey of self-exploration and self- discovery.  We will go deep into your soul to discover your true essence, your deepest potential and fulfill your deepest desires.

Getting a yearly update on current planetary transits can alert you to possible difficult times, or times when the planets align in your favor.  A Solar Return will tell what the birthday year has in store.

You can purchase a consultation for your self, or give one as a birthday or holiday gift!

I also offer AstroCoaching sessions that are results oriented. That means that we focus, together, on prioritizing your goals, setting definable goals and breaking them down into increments so that you don't feel overwhelmed.  You will never feel alone, but rather you will feel supported.  I am with you throughout the process. Your Astrology chart is the key to finding your true path, and coaching sessions will help you get on it!

You may send email and texts throughout, along with personal meetings.  There is no charge for texting and email.


Your first consultation is approximately an hour.  


This does not include the research I do prior to our meeting. After our meeting you will be mailed a computer generated basic report on your personal chart.  I recommend a follow up session to discuss the information you have processed and to outline a course of action to achieve your goals. A third meeting will access your progress and make readjustments, if necessary. 

The types of consultations I offer include the following:  personal natal chart with current transits; relationship synastry consultation (romance, Soul Mate, business or family); family analysis; AstroCoaching sessions (natal chart consultation with life coaching),  yearly update report including current transits and Solar Return (birthday) consultation. You can also choose a one hour mixed session of a Tarot reading and basic Astrology consultation! 


Natal (Soul) Astrology with current transits (includes an emailed computer report) $125

Relationship Astrology (Synastry -2 charts) compatibility analysis, (includes emailed computer report) $175  

Initial AstroCoaching Session (includes Natal Astrology), $175; Follow up coaching sessions, $75 each. Package of three sessions, prepaid,  $275 (initial Astrology consultation + two sessions).  

Family Astrology (up to 6 charts) $395, 2 sessions

Yearly Astro Update, $75 Current transits and Solar Return. Must have previously had a full Natal Astrology session. (includes an emailed computer report.)

Half and Half Consultation. One Hour Mixed Tarot and Astrology a mini look at your birth chart and a Tarot reading. Introductory offer.  A very popular choice! $100

NEW!  What's my Rising Sign? Order this mini Astrology reading and find out your rising, Sun and Moon signs and what they mean.  Provided via email only,  $45, payable HERE.

NEW!  Soul Mate Astrology.  Find out more HERE


Please send your information, including birth date, time and place from your birth certificate, via the Contact form. 

Pay for your Astrology Consultation and Coaching Sessions here. 



My partner and I got an astrology reading to shed light on personality quirks and habits. It was very eye opening. It gave us so much more than we expected. Georgia's chart and reading explained a lot, and gave us so much insight on why we struggled with certain things. It turns out we have a lot of karmic lessons together, and our path is an ongoing journey. It will be much easier to navigate the tough roads when coming from a place of understanding. This information was invaluable. Thank you, Georgia.

Mary, San Diego

Forest Road

Ravenhawk Tarot
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