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The Twin Flame and
Soul Mate Journey



Over the years, it's become a specialty of mine to see Soul Mates and Twin Flames in the charts. Many of my clients have found their Soul Mates with my guidance and intuitive abilities.  There's a certain kind of energy between Soul Mates that lights up in the mind's eye.  And the Astrology charts of Soul Mates are very specific.

If you are wondering if your current love is your Soul Mate, are in a difficult Soul Mate relationship or have a lost love you cannot forget, a Soul Mate Astrology consultation is for you. This reading consists of comparing two charts for soul mate contacts, as well as compatibility analysis. 


I also offer Past Life Regression to help understand the issues and blocks that Soul Mates can encounter.


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Soul Mate Astrology Consultation, two charts, $175.00, includes a Tarot reading. Introductory offer. 

Past Life Regression $75. 

Package, Soul Mate Astrology Consultation, Tarot Reading and Past Life Regression, $225. 







Check out my new BLOG for useful information about Twin Flames and Soul Mates and other metaphysical topics!

I have been getting Tarot readings from Georgia for over seven years now, and she has always accurately predicted every relationship that I was in.  One day, Georgia made a prediction of when I would be entering my most serious relationship to date, and confirmed it by comparing our Astrology charts when this person and I met in one of her classes. I scoffed as I felt this relationship would never happen for a number of reasons and that she was finally wrong about the subject that she has been crazily accourate about.  That was two years ago, and my fiancee and I will be marrying later this year...Eric, La Mesa

The minute I heard my first love story, I began looking for you, not knowing how blind that was.  Lovers don’t finally meet somewhere. They are in each other all along.  Rumi

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