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Past Life Regression
Personal Guided Meditation


Present life and past life regression sessions serve to help you find the root causes of phobias, relationship issues, recurring issues, blocks and issues that may haunt your life.  My clients have found that they find healing from their regression sessions and often long term issues resolve. Through a regression session, it's possible to understand your more difficult relationships, whether they are familial, friends, business partners or romantic.  These sessions can be done in person and via Zoom. It is advisable to consider what the focus and purpose of the regression session will be prior to the appointment.

Also offered are personalized guided meditation sessions.  These sessions will help you to access your own guides, angels, higher self, and your animal spirit guides. You can use them to solve problems, find your animal totems, understand your soul's purpose and much more. 

The regression sessions and guided meditation sessions are one hour in length total and include a wrap up session after the regression. You will find that the information you receive stays with you and new insights will come even after your session. 

Regression session:  $75. Online via Zoom. Pay HERE.

Email support is available at all times.

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