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The New Year's Tarot Reading

Updated: Oct 11, 2021

Every year from November to January, I offer my very special New Year's Tarot Reading. It's a thirteen card spread that gives a message for each month of the coming year, plus an overall card. I also pick an oracle card for another perspective for the New Year. I see it as a flow of events, possibilities for the coming year.

I don't personally believe that Tarot readings are written in stone. I believe a reading indicates the probable flow of events given what is currently true. By virtue of the fact that the client is getting a glimpse into the future, it is possible to make changes to redirect the chain the chain of events. In other words, fate is the opportunity; free will is what you do with it. And we all have free will.

Fate will, throughout our lives, provide us with opportunities for learning and growing. It's whether you take that opportunity to make changes that makes the difference and influences the outcome. For example, I knew someone who was a hoarder. He kept everything he ever owned in his three car garage. One year, a brush fire swept up the back yard and burned down only the garage, leaving the house intact. Clearly, the "universe" was trying to tell him something. The fire was fate, and his free will allowed him to either learn the lesson or not. Many choose not to learn their lessons and thus have to suffer the same lesson coming to them in other forms.

So your New Year's reading will let you know what is "scheduled" by the Universe to come to you in 2022. I try to present it in a positive and beneficial way. Because I am trained as a life coach, I strive to help all my clients to realize their goals and to bring hope into people's lives. I also am there to help them through the more difficult times.

Let's see if 2022 is the year you get that new job, new love and new life!

Testimonial: Every year for the past five, I have done a yearly reading with Georgia. During these calls, I write down notes for each month and reference back to it at the first of the month throughout the year. Obviously the universe does not know what a month start is, but it knows the gentile ebbs and flows throughout the year and these readings are so accurate, I sometimes find myself arguing in my mind that there is no way things will get better (or sometimes worse), and they always go very similar to what she reads.

My life has gone through some triumphant challenges the last ten years, and Georgia's readings been accurate, honest and understanding with helping me to not only navigate the year ahead, but how to get through those more difficult times.

The yearly readings are my favorite thing she does. She is truly a talented, gifted, intuitive human. The best you can give yourself is the gift of gentle guidance. I always get one for myself and a few other people in my life as a gift. Another way to give back to those I love.

New Year's Blessings, Ravenhawk (Georgia Vlahos)

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