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The Astrology of Soul Mates

The following is a basic interpretation of the Astrology of Soul Mates in the natal charts. For an in-depth look at your own chart and that of your partner, book an appointment for a Soul Mate Consultation HERE.

An Astrologer can determine soul mate relationships in the astrology chart. It is not as easy to distinguish twin flame relationships from soul mate relationships astrologically, but there are many clues. If there are soul mate contacts, it can be a twin flame relationship. The more contacts and the greater amount of planets in common, the greater the chance of it being a twin flame relationship.

The karmic points are as follows: Moon, Saturn, Nodes of the Moon, Vertex. Any contact of one’s personal planets (Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn) or ascendant to the other’s karmic points is indicative of a soul mate relationship. Any of these karmic contacts on the axis (angles) of the chart indicate a strong soul mate relationship. The greater the amount of contacts, the greater the connection.

The Nodes of the Moon are points in the chart and the South Node is always opposite the North Node and they are almost always retrograde. The North Node of the moon indicates the soul’s purpose in the current incarnation. This is the primary lesson to be learned. The South Node of the Moon indicates what the being has mastered in past lives and this is the tendency of the soul in the current incarnation. The soul must transcend the South Node and actualize the lessons of the North Node. The South Node will always indicate skills the soul has mastered, but the soul must move to mastery of the North Node in the current incarnation. For example, a person with the North Node in Cancer has come to learn about family, mothering, nurturing, giving up control and the need for perfection and living within a family unit. In past lives (South Node in Capricorn) the soul has spent lifetimes working and seeking success, neglecting family. If one party’s North Node is in Cancer and the other party’s personal planet(s) contact that node, then there is a soul contract between the parties.

The Vertex is another point that indicates karmic situations, meaning that it has happened before, in another life. The sign, house position and planetary contacts indicates the theme of the situation.

What is meant by soul contract? This is an agreement reached by the parties in prior lifetimes to meet and help each other in their soul’s journey. Its purpose may be to help propel one or both of the parties to fulfilling their soul’s purpose, or it may be to balance karma. For example, I had clients where one person had Venus at 3 degrees of Cancer and the other person’s North Node was at 0 degrees of Cancer. This is a soul mate contact. Put it on a chart angle as it was and it is doubly so. The North Node person will derive soul lessons from the Venus person through a romantic relationship because Venus is the planet of love. If the contacting planet is the Sun, then it will be soul lessons about the one’s true nature. If the contacting planet is Mercury, the lesson would be about communication, and so on.

This is a very brief description of the Astrology of Soul Mates. For more information about your current or past relationships, book an appointment for a Soul Mate Consultation. Regularly $175, mention this blog and get it for $150!

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