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Soul Mate Story Part 4

Mary and Eric met in my Astrology class. I noticed an attraction between them and when I looked at their charts, I noticed they were Soul Mates. At first they fought the attraction, but it was meant to be and they are getting married in November. Below is what they wrote about their relationship.

The Dream

When I was 13 years old, I had a dream about a girl. In it, I was laying on my back staring at the ceiling, when this girl’s face leans over to look down at mine. I awoke suddenly, as it had felt so strange and real. As dreams go, many of the details vanished from my memory, but there are a few that stuck with me. Firstly, the dream was not in color, but rather a sepia tone, like an old photograph. Since this time, dreams that I found significance in have been in this tone. Secondly, I only remembered that this girl had short dark hair, pretty eyes that seemed to contain the secrets of the universe if I could stare into them long enough, and a cute smile. Lastly, what struck me most about this dream girl was the feeling I got from her: a gentle warmth and reassurance that made me feel that the world around me was complete. The Meditation

One night, I was meditating in hopes of figuring out what I needed to do next for my spiritual growth. In my meditation, I stood in a field of grass before a large cave. There was a woman who looked like Mary standing in front of me, but she didn’t feel like her, because this woman was confident and self assured. She smiled, knowing that I had noticed this about her, and then motioned at me to follow her as she walked towards the cave. I came out of this meditation deciding that my spiritual growth lay in helping Mary with hers. The Opening of the Tunnel

Mary was skeptical about her ability to feel energy at a distance when she approached me to ask if I would help her practice sending and receiving reiki. To make sure she felt it, I placed the intention of sending unconditional love and support. She was able to feel it, and quickly developed a variation she called a Reiki hug, which I felt as a physical hug, but many other recipients felt as distance Reiki. One day, as I was leaving work, my attention was fixated on thoughts about Mary. This was alarming because I was struggling to concentrate on driving. As soon as I was able to seize control of my thoughts and focus on the road again, I received a text message: “Did you feel anything?” Mary had developed what she felt was a new form of sending personal energy that she called a, “soul hug.” Mary was excited that she was successful, but was quickly disappointed that it did not seem to be as potent when she tried it with other people. The Development of the Tunnel

After the, “soul hug,” incident, Mary and I were able to sense each other’s mood and presence despite the distance. She could tell when I was asleep, frustrated at work, or stuck in traffic. This continued when I left for a family trip to Thailand. She could feel when I was asleep on the airplane or experiencing something exciting. I would wake up in the middle of the night around the time she would take her lunch break at work. I always had this sense of her peering over my shoulder before receiving a text message inquiring about what I was doing. We referred to this connection as, “the tunnel,” and found that as our connection grew, we were able to feel more complex emotions as well as thoughts. The feelings would be so intense that I would spontaneously cough as they became overwhelming. Copyright 2021 Georgia Vlahos. Do not reproduce or copy.


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