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Twin Flames Part 2

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

Unfortunately, Twin Flame relationships don't always work out "happily ever after". If the relationship causes too much chaos in one of the Twin Flame's life, one person may run from the relationship. This may be due to unresolved karma, or because of other relationships or because one or both parties are not spiritually evolved enough to contend with the relationship.

The unresolved karma may exist with other people in the Twin Flame's life. Or it may be within themselves. Karmic relationships must be balanced, but it is not always necessary to relive painful the events of the past. Proper balancing can be achieved through past life regression and counseling techniques.

An enlightened soul is aware of their karmic debts and will work hard not to create more. Enlightenment will come when the soul realizes the impact of his or her actions on other people, and develops enough empathy to actually feel the impact of his actions. Empathy and compassion are essential to true enlightenment, and understanding that that all actions have an equal and opposite reaction. This is basic physics but also applies spiritually.

An enlightened soul is also aware of its soul purpose. Each incarnation has a distinctive purpose that contributes to the growth of the soul. They must discover why they incarnated at the present time and work hard to eliminate blocks to the realization of their soul's purpose. The Twin Flame will help them to discover this, through mirroring, patient discussion, issues, and even when they leave. If the two souls have evolved sufficiently, they will do it in a considerate and loving manner. One soul may even become a teacher to the other.

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