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Can a Psychic Predict the Future?

The answer to that question is yes and no.

Various methods of divination are used to make predictions about the future and to help the querent (the person getting the reason) cope with what is going on in his or her life. Tarot cards, Runes, Oracle cards, keys, crystal balls and even playing cards are some of the many vehicles that psychics use to help their clients.

Divination works on the principle of synchronicity. This phrase was popularized by the eminent psychologist, Carl Jung. Synchronicity refers to two seemingly unrelated events that have no causal connection but are meaningful coincidences. I don't think anyone knows why Tarot works, but it does.

Being able to read Tarot is a skill that must be learned and practiced. Some readers simply rely on the messages of the cards, while others use their own empathic and psychic skills. They come to some kind of conclusion that will help their clients, and counsel them to help them cope with issues in their lives. In a way, the cards can tell how the events are fated to play out.

Does "fate*" exist? I believe it does. I see it all the time in Astrology charts. What is contained in the chart is present at birth. It's always amazing to consult with a client to see how it all played out at the present time. And it always does. But, there's an asterisk there. My belief, gleaned through personal experience with myself and clients, is that FATE IS THE OPPORTUNITY AND FREE WILL IS WHAT YOU DO WITH IT.

That means that the Universe will conspire to bring certain issues to the soul's attention. This will come in the form of lessons. Do you accept and learn from the lessons, or do you ignore them?

Laying out the Tarot (or any other form of divination) suggests a possibility. Think of it like a row of dominoes. They will fall in a certain pattern as they are stacked at the moment. Move one domino and they will fall in a different pattern. Free will is demonstrated in the removal of the domino.

So basically, a reading will let you know the way things will fall if they are left on their own. The reading serves to alert the querent to what is about to happen. They can then use their free will to change their fate.

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