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Dark Night of the Soul

Many of the people who come to me for counseling via Tarot, Astrology or Coaching come during their "Dark Night of the Soul". This is a time in life when all seems lost, whether it's because of divorce, death, illness, job loss or any of the other major life happenings that can bring us down. Noted psychiatrist Stanislav Grof, one of the founders of transpersonal psychology, coined the phrase, "Spiritual Emergency" for this time period and wrote several books about it.

Though it can come at any time, it is most prevalent during the Uranus Opposition at ages approximately 38-42. This is the time in life when transiting Uranus opposes your natal Uranus in your chart. Uranus is the need for freedom, and depending on what astrological house it falls in, will give an indication of the area of life deeply affected. Another prominent time is during the transits of Saturn. Saturn is the planet of lessons, constriction and sometimes difficulties. The main Saturn transits are the first Saturn return at ages 28-30 and the second Saturn return at 58-60.

Through my own Dark Night of the Soul, I sought out all types of help from traditional therapy to Reiki, Past Life Regression, energy healing, Astrology, Tarot and everything in between. Many years later I came to see it for what it really was: a spiritual awakening.

Synchronicity is ubiquitous during that time, as well as spiritual and metaphysical phenomena. It is a process of healing on all levels that took a quite a long time. After mine, I emerged a completely new person.

Have you experienced a Dark Night of the Soul? Are you in the middle of one? If so, let me know or make an appointment via the Contact form on this website.

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