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The Numerology of 2022

So here we are. It's almost November! The year is almost gone and we are moving into 2022. I try to look at the New Year through many perspectives, Astrology, Numerology, Tarot, this blog I'll take a brief look at Numerology.

2021 was a Universal 5 Year. To calculate the Universal Year, which means that it applies to all, add 2+0+2+1=5. For 2022, 2+0+2+2=6. So 2022 is a Universal 6 Year. Always break down to a single digit, except for the Master Numbers 22, 11 and 33.

First, let's talk about 2021. Five is the number of change. It's the midpoint between the number 1 though 10 and thus is a pivotal point. It's a year where we decide upon our future, where adaptability is a necessary skill. Looking back at 2021, this was very true. As a collective, we had to adapt to a new reality via the pandemic. Things changed at dizzyingly speed. Many could not adapt and were plunged into chaos. The world was plunged into chaos.

The number 5 is associated with the Hierophant card in the Tarot. This is the card of tradition, institutions, religion and conformity. We saw the U.S. fighting an internal battle between these ideas. Many institutions were changed, particularly our political institutions.

2022 as a 6 year brings choices, truth and justice. There is a need for group harmony, service, love, compassion and creativity. It's a settling down from the 5 year. This number is associated with the Lovers card in the Tarot. This card represents choices. We have to make choices between many differing stances. On the traditional Rider Waite deck, the Lovers are unclothed. They wear no masks or costumes. There is a mountain between them in the background. This is indicative of where the U.S. is today, two opposing forces, separated by a mountain. But this year may bring some kind of justice to the situation.

To find your 2022 number, add your birth month and date to the number 6. For example, if you were born on June 24, add 6+2+4=12=3 for your own year number. For more information on your personal Numerology, check out my class, "Letting Go" on and join in to let go of what won't serve you in 2022 and discover your personal numerology!

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