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Soul Mates Part 4

Updated: Dec 18, 2021

Issues that come between soul mates are often a reflection of something within themselves. They serve as a mirror for each other. Many of the issues presented are because of unresolved issues with one or both parents. Each person may choose a partner that exhibits aspects of the parents which they are seeking to heal through the relationship. However, if they don’t have the skills to heal the issues, the relationships will be fraught with difficulty. Often the tendency will be to blame the partner for conflict and expect the partner to fulfill all aspects of their lives. This is an unrealistic expectation. Look within for answers. Ask instead, “What is this issue reflecting to me?”, because you will find that many of the issues that beset you are also an issue for the partner.

It is necessary to be on a personal healing path if you wish to have a successful soul mate relationship. Both parties should be consistently working on healing their own issues, and assisting the partner to heal theirs, rather than criticizing, arguing or judging. This introduces the concept of unconditional love, which is what a spiritual soul mate relationship should be based upon. Love with conditions is unevolved and bound to decay. Unconditional love is the goal of the human condition. A soul must be highly evolved to achieve this level of love. This does not, of course, imply that any form of abuse is ok. It is not.

Often those familial patterns are brought into relationships in other ways. Those fortunate few who come from happy and healthy childhood homes may have expectations and preconceived ideas that are unrealistic. So no matter what expectations childhood brought into the relationship, it’s important to lose those expectations and create your own relationship parameters.

This involves a high degree of emotional and spiritual maturity. To receive the highest benefit of the soul mate relationship, much inner work must be done in order to be in a place to properly receive it. If one person has evolved, but the other hasn't and isn't willing to take a deep, dark look at their inner selves, the relationship is doomed. Soul mate relationships are fragile things; so many factors such as soul and emotional maturity and timing must be just so in order to receive the highest benefit from the relationship.

The problem then is that if the lessons of the soul mate relationship aren't learned, the relationship will haunt the parties throughout their lives. This is how some soul mates get obsessed with each other and don't forget each other for the rest of their lives. I have met many of these people and their lives are haunted by the unresolved karma with the soul mate. Be assured that the lessons will also come in another and possibly unexpected form and the next time that they come, they will be more difficult. I see this as the first time the Universe "knocks at your karmic door" the lesson may be somewhat mild. If you refuse to look, or don't have the courage to heal your issues, the next "knock" will be firmer, until at some point you get clunked over the head. This will never be pleasant.

Of course, many people drift through life totally oblivious to the machinations of the other realms and miss many opportunities to learn valuable soul lessons. The Universe is structured so that these poor souls must come back again and again until they awaken and complete their soul's work. Only then do they get to come off the wheel of incarnation.

I have always been deeply motivated to complete my soul's lessons and not have to repeat the painful experiences I have had in numerous incarnations on planet Earth.

Copyright 2021 Georgia Vlahos. Do not copy or reproduce.

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