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Soul Mates Part 1

Updated: Oct 7, 2021

These blog posts on the topic of Twin Flames and Soul Mates are excepts from a book I'm currently writing on the same subject. Please do not copy or reproduce this copyrighted material, but rather use it for your own edification and knowledge.

The topic of Twin Flames and Soul Mates comes up quite frequently during my work week. I am a professional Astrologer and Tarot Counselor and have been for over 20 years. Soul mates is a prime Google topic for those who visit my website. It seems that more and more people are encountering, or at least identifying, soul mate relationships, or perhaps we are more informed about the phenomenon than ever before. And it seems that a certain type of relationship is common to most women and many men…that encounter that you just can’t seem to forget.

Twin Flames and Soul Mates refer to the spiritual dimension of human love relationships. This includes the soul's purpose, spiritual healing, past lives and the psychic and other dimensional realms.

What exactly is a soul mate? Rid yourself of the old idea from Hollywood movies of the 40’s, where there is a great love that will save you from all your challenges, after which you will ride off into the sunset and live happily ever after.

A soul mate is a SOUL, not the physical person, who has been with you throughout time in various capacities. Thus, you have spent many previous lifetimes with your soul mate(s). And yes, there can be more than one, in fact, many. A soul mate can be a lover (of any sexual persuasion), sibling, parent or friend. In this lifetime, there is an instant recognition and instant attraction, which may or may not be sexual. You will have an inner knowing of the other soul (again, not physical person – and that’s important as we will see). If you are already savvy about reincarnation, then you will know sooner rather than later that you have encountered a soul mate. If you’re not, it may take a long time to understand the relationship.

Many people believe that because they love deeply or are deeply hurt, they must be dealing with a soul mate. This may or may not be true. A true romantic soul mate will meet many of the following criteria. All of these criteria are present in the Twin Flame relationship.

1. When you first meet, you feel as though you’ve known each other before. There is an ease and instant comfort level between you. The true cause of this is past life memories.

2. The meeting is usually a chance meeting, and the person might actually come to your doorstep. There is a quality of fate about it.

3. Synchronicities abound. What is a synchronicity? A synchronicity is when two apparently unrelated events have a connection. For a simple example, you are thinking about your ex and your song comes on the radio at that moment. You will find synchronicities everywhere in a soul mate relationship.

4. When you talk, you will find similarities in your background, like living in the same town for years and not meeting until the present, similar family backgrounds or issues, moving to the same area at the same time, or a similar spiritual path.

5. An intense sexual connection is almost always experienced between romantic soul mates. It’s the best sex ever. It’s is because of a deep past life heart connection has already occurred in past lives. Some report a quite literal feeling of electricity between them during physical contact. This feeling may also occur just when they are in each other's presence.

6. An intense psychic connection is another key. This is not just thinking about each other, but actually connecting to each other’s thoughts and feelings, knowing what they are doing or thinking, and seeing or feeling their energy around you in a very palpable sense in their absence.

7. You will often connect in the dream world, especially if you are apart. If you are dreaming about someone, there’s a good chance they are also dreaming or thinking of you. Some soul mates report dreaming about the person BEFORE meeting them, and then recognizing them from the dreams. Always remember that everything is connected; there are no random incidences.

8. There may be a feeling that transcends love. This one is hard to explain, but once you experience this you will know what it is. It’s a knowing that something even beyond love connects you. This is especially true of the Twin Flame relationship.

9. A feeling of incompleteness (especially between Twin Flames) and despite previous relationships, will prevail until you meet your Twin Flame or soul mate. You will always feel an inexplicable longing until you meet, and when you do, you will feel complete. There will be no need for other relationships or people in your life. This does not mean the relationship will be peaceful and lasting. It may not, despite all you may be feeling.

10. You will love your soul mate unconditionally, being able to love beyond the faults of another. This is because you see the person as a soul, not an incarnate physical being. You may have past life memories of them causing you to see potential in them that doesn’t really exist in this lifetime. This is what causes many people to believe that there is more to their lover, and that they will change to some past life ideal that they carry.

11. The love for the soul mate is enduring, even after the relationship has ended or the other has died.

12. You will experience deep spiritual growth from association with your soul mate or twin flame.

None of this means of course, that you accept abuse from the other person. Abuse is never acceptable.

Most soul mate relationships do not end up by walking off into the sunset together. Many are fraught with pain and sorrow. This is because both parties carry karma, or unfinished business from past life relationships that needs to be resolved. Often soul mates come together with a spiritual purpose. One may need to fulfill a role to help the other advance on their spiritual/soul path. This may come either through pain or joy. But there will be an opportunity for great spiritual growth no matter what.

By “opportunity”, I mean just that. Often, we are presented with opportunities to learn and grow but we fail to recognize it and fail to utilize it. There are many times in life when opportunity knocks at our door with a message and a chance for real growth and we fail to heed it.

For example, a little voice in your head (not to be confused with psychosis) might urge you to go somewhere at a certain time and you ignore it because you are tired or watching TV. The voice is persistent, but you do not listen. That could be a missed opportunity to meet a helpful person, potential lover or friend.

As humans, we are subject to fate, however, fate is merely the opportunity, free will allows us to react, or not. Humanity was given free will to make decisions about how they will react to fate. Fate is the great gift from the universe that presents us with choices, but we are free to react as we see fit.

Sometimes an event will occur that seems horribly painful or negative, but it’s an opportunity to grow and to learn a much-needed lesson. You must be awake enough to recognize the opportunities that come your way by seeking the learning in the lesson that has been presented. Try and view all the negative situations and people in your life as an chance to learn something that is essential for your soul’s growth.

Some soul mate relationships are karmic. This indicates that there is karma from past lives that must be balanced. Often it is negative. One party may have caused harm in some way to the other. They will play out this scenario until the karma is balanced and healed.

Karma is merely a balancing of energy. It is also known as the law of cause and effect. It is not a punishment or reward. If I caused great harm to someone in a past life, I need to experience the harm in some form (and it may not be the same form) in the present life. Thus, the energies are balanced, the soul learns and moves forward in its development. Getting to a point where the soul understands and feels the result of its actions and learns to not cause harm to another living being is enlightenment.

Many soul mate relationships are catalyst relationships. Perhaps the soul contracts between the two parties are that they would be a catalyst for each other, to help move each other further along on their soul development. The purpose of a catalyst relationship is simply that: to help the souls advance in their growth. Once that has been accomplished, there is nothing further for the souls. Unfortunately, sometimes the parties want to make the relationship permanent, and one or both parties will get hurt.

That is because they did not recognize the true nature of the soul contract.

A truly self-realized soul will recognize this and move on with no negative feelings toward the other. There may be pain and sadness, but in their hearts the parties are aware of true nature of the relationship. If the souls are not too far along in their soul growth, there will however be much clinging and drama.

Copyright 2021 Georgia Vlahos. Do not copy or reproduce.

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