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Twin Flames Part 3

Updated: Sep 22, 2021

Often one Twin Flame will become a "runner", meaning that they will leave the relationship before it becomes fully committed. There may be existing relationships. The runner may feel inadequate or unworthy of the other Twin Flame. Or it might simply be too intense. He or she may feel that they would lose themselves in the relationship because it is so overwhelming. Their previous relationships may have been superficial in comparison, and thus simpler and easier. They are not ready for this level of relationship intensity. They must be both spiritually and emotionally mature and aware in order for the relationship to work. And timing is everything.

When they do run, the exact opposite of what they thought would occur happens. Hoping to find someone less challenging and intense, they may seek another relationship or loose themselves in drink, drugs, sexual promiscuity or pornography. They may marry another person in an attempt to escape from the feelings of intensity they could not sustain.

When they run, they experience deep pain and discomfort. The Twin Flame has reflected back to them all their insecurities, negative feelings, unprocessed trauma and childhood issues. They may be so unevolved that they don't even realize this until much later, and by then it may be too late.

Often, the runner has not experienced a spiritual awakening. A spiritual awakening is no easy thing. It may be the second most difficult experience you'll ever have, the first being losing your Twin Flame.

Sometimes it's necessary for the runner to go and work on their spiritual path before coming back to the Twin Flame. Unfortunately, I have heard of a situation where one Twin Flame died before he could be reunited with his Twin Flame. Time is of the essence.

A major problem is the fact that the two Twin Flames have most likely established a deep psychic connection. This may be quite intense and disruptive in both their lives. It certainly doesn't help the parties to forget one another. In fact, the Twin Flame will be in your life for many years through the psychic connection.

The chaser has already realized on some level that the relationship is special or they may in fact be aware of the Twin Flame phenomenon. They may make several attempts to bring the other back into the relationship but may find their Twin Flame is not ready yet to enter the relationship. This can lead to a great deal of pain and anguish for both parties.

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